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Written evidence: Wales as a destination for international tourists - Professor Dorothy A. Yen, Dr Ana Canhoto, and Dr Liyuan Wei


Wales offers a rich culture and history, dynamic cities, scenic landscapes, beautiful coastline and a diversity of experiences for visitors. Nevertheless, most of these offerings are not exclusive to Wales - states written evidence submitted by Professor Dorothy A. Yen, Dr Ana Canhoto, and Dr Liyuan Wei.

Key recommendations:

  • Wales lacks a distinctive association with tourist landmarks, in the mind of international tourists. This makes Wales less attractive than other UK destinations to international tourists.
  • Wales should rebrand itself as the “The Land of Dragons and Legends”, capitalising on cultural references such as the Y Ddraig Goch / the Wales Red Dragon and King Arthur.
  • This needs to be supported by a campaign that focuses on discovery, shows how tourists can complete many activities in a short amount of time, and encourages locals and tourists to share images of Wales with the hashtag #ilovewales. 
  • Sample itineraries, special tourist passes, and transport infrastructure are needed, to help tourists undertake sightseeing efficiently and to reduce the burden associated with planning local trips.

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