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Written evidence: The Public Health Approach to preventing gender-based violence - Natalie A. Russell and Dr Lora Adair


Natalie A. Russell and Dr Lora Adair submitted a written evidence responding to the Welsh Parliament consultation on preventing gender-based violence

Summary of evidence and recommendations:

  • We recommend that all schools provide accurate, informative, and age-appropriate education on all forms of intimate partner abuse, including psychological abuse.
  • There is a need for careful and intentional consideration of intersectionality when developing public health interventions. Public health approaches should consider the need to ensure that women and girls who are part of Black or other ethnic minority groups have varied opportunities to access support in ways best suited to individual needs and informed by research on help-seeking behaviours.
  • Evaluators and researchers should continue to assess the effectiveness of education about gender-based violence when presented through different types of communication mediums (such as social media, podcasts, and documentaries) and the effectiveness of various mediums for different groups and communities of women.
  • There is a need to ensure and measure that all young people are aware of sources of information and support should they experience abuse in an intimate relationship. Given our participants concerns about privacy, care should be taken to ensure that information and support can be accessed in ways that empower women and girls to control when, and to whom, they disclose experiences of abuse.
  • There is a collection of public and third-sector services that can positively contribute to identifying, tackling, and preventing violence against women. When developing public health approaches, a multidisciplinary approach should be taken.

April 2023

Read the full written evidence submission here