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I am a doctoral researcher in the department of psychology, investigating psychological abuse in adolescent romantic relationships. My current research aims to engage with adolescents, families, and relevant practitioners to gather insights into the prevalence and impacts of this form of abuse when directed at Black adolescent girls. The study will go on to explore how well those within and around the target population understand the concept of psychological abuse itself, to assess whether this too impacts prevalence rates. The current landscape of interventions, services and education available to adolescent girls in England that address psychological abuse will also be considered, supporting a thorough evaluation of the need to develop or improve targeted interventions.

This research will ultimately contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of psychological abuse, specifically among Black teenage girls in England. This can inform future research and inclusive practices surrounding psychological abuse and safeguarding in this regard. 

I am a qualified teacher (psychology/social sciences) and passionate PSHE educator, also experienced in advisory, project and programme management, and executive roles in local government and charity and social sectors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in this research area or… just want to chat!

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