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Community liaison

We support students from their first day of lectures, through to their graduation day and even after they have left the University. Whether they live on or off campus, all students are ambassadors of the University and are part of the local community.

Our students play an active role in the community and we’re aware of the importance of gaining and receiving the respect of their neighbours. As a result we work, alongside the Union of Brunel Students, to ensure our students are made aware of their responsibilities as residents in the community.

Advice about living as part of the community is given to all students who are living in private accommodation: Living Outside Campus (pdf).

We've also introduced a Brunel Good Neighbour award which recognises courteous Brunel students. Local residents can nominate students who have built great relationships in the community.

We have a Community Liaison Officer who receives all student related complaints and will investigate both sides using the Complaints Policy we have in place. We try to resolve problems between residents and students who are known to have behaved in an unacceptable manner, working with the Local Authority, the police and some of the local lettings agents taking whatever action is necessary to resolve the issues. To find out more about making a complaint against a student please contact our Community Liaison Officer on 01895 267770 or email

Procedure for dealing with complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour 

Problems with your neighbours?

We have a mediation service for residents and their student neighbours to use if and when an issue arises. This free service helps residents and students look at other ways of resolving problems. For more information please download the Problems with your Neighbours guide (pdf).