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Executives in Residence

Chintan Patel 


CTO & Engineering Director

Cisco UK & Ireland


Brunel University London


Marketing, Sales & Transformations

Passionate about driving business transformation using innovative technology.

As CTO, Chintan Patel works with Cisco’s major clients and partners. His work involves regular interactions with the academia, government and industry forums that help drive the technology agenda forward for the UK and Ireland. Through his education and experience, he brings unique perspectives bridging the worlds of business and technology.

In addition to his role as CTO, he heads the Systems Engineering Community at Cisco UK and Ireland. His team of engineers, architects and technologists lead all aspects of technical engagement with Cisco’s customers and partners. Chintan and his team also focus on a broad range of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Cybersecurity, Quantum and Future Mobile Networks.

He has extensive experience working across global markets, and a track record in several industries such as Telecoms, Financial Services, Transportation & Logistics and Retail. His roles have ranged from mergers and acquisitions to strategic partnerships, technical product development and design to sales and marketing.

A frequent industry speaker, quoted in the press and media, has appeared on platforms such as TEDx and SXSW, authored multiple papers and blogs covering technology topics and future technology trends. In 2019, he was awarded as one of the top Asian Stars in UK Tech.

Chintan Patel studied at Brunel University in London for his BSc (Joint Hons) in Computer Science & Economics, and Diploma in Professional Business Development.

A sports fan, self-confessed geek and an engineer at heart, he mentors those early in a career within IT and has a focus on life-long learning in STEM subjects. He currently also spearheads Cisco’s DevNet Developer community work to establish a platform for the digital coding skills our future generations will need.