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Executives in Residence

Colin Fredriksen


Managing Director



Brunel University London


Customer Relation, Negations


Colin has been running large sales teams in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years. Broke the then company record for sales at 24 years of age, 56 sales in a month. Won over 20 holidays/overseas conventions for Sales management awards. Managed 3 branches with 102 salespeople and 8 line-managers.

Last 8 years; Growth Coach on the GrowthAccelerator programme and a Consultant on the London Growth Access project. Last 4 years I have worked on the Inspiring Enterprise and Growth project, also working closely with Haringey Council mentoring SME’s and with Westminster and Brunel Universities working with their entrepreneurship students.


Colin worked with some 100 SME’s and helped 30/40 start-ups.

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