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Brunel Business School introduces mindfulness to final year students

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As part of the Business Life programme at Brunel, participants are able to learn the theory behind mindfulness, practising techniques, 'positive' critical thinking, self-reflection and the importance of self-care. 

The Business Life programme is a student personal development programme hosted by Brunel Business School with activities available for all students and staff to take part in. 

Dr Audrey Tang, alumnus and Training Facilitator for Business Life, devised and facilitated a set of workshops as part of the joint research project, introducing themes supporting emotional agility.  Dr Monomita Nandy approached the Business Life team to research the benefits of mindfulness to manage fleeting anxiety or stress, when counselling may be too great an intervention.  

Based on the feedback received from the students who took part in Business Life mindfulness workshops and in the Mindfulness and Future Entrepreneurs project, funded by Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Research Centre, Dr Nandy has introduced three of Dr Tang's CPD workshops in mindfulness and timetabled them into the Business School Pathways, giving access to all their final year students.