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Organisational Heritage: Publication of Key Cornerstone Article

Professor John M.T. Balmer, Professor of Corporate Marketing  at Brunel University Business School, and Dr Mario Burghausen of The University of Essex (PhD from Brunel Business School) have published a ground-breaking article in the current edition of the Journal of Brand Management where they formally introduce and explain the organisational heritage notion. Drawing on the extant corporate heritage, organisational identity and organisational memory literatures they advance the view that organisational heritage – as a new concept – materially advances heritage studies in marketing, management and organisational behaviour too. They argue that three distinct schools of thought can be applied to the organisational heritage notion. Their cornerstone article develops the initial articulation of the organisational heritage concept in an earlier Journal of Brand Management article by Professor Balmer and Dr Chen (Brunel University Business School). For a limited period the above article, a related article and the article by Balmer and Chen are free to download from the Journal of Brand Management: 
Explicating corporate heritage, corporate heritage brands and organisational heritage Introducing organisational heritage: Linking corporate heritage, organisational identity and organisational memory Corporate heritage brands in China. Consumer engagement with China’s most celebrated corporate heritage brand – Tong Ren Tang: 同仁堂