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Professor John M. T. Balmer's landmark book on Corporate Heritage "Foundations of Corporate Heritage"

Recently published by Routledge (2017), the pioneering book, “Foundations of Corporate Heritage” provides insights for both academic and managerial audiences in advancing their knowledge of the nascent corporate heritage territory. Edited by Brunel Business School’s Professor of Corporate Marketing, Professor John M.T. Balmer, the anthology includes contributions from prominent scholars in the field along with cornerstone articles, written by Professor Balmer.

With Professor Stephen A. Greyser (Harvard Business School) and Dr Mats Urde (Lund University, Sweden), Professor Balmer formally introduced the corporate heritage notion in 1996 as a consequence of their landmark study of the Swedish Monarchy as a Corporate Brand.

In 2011 he established the International Corporate Heritage Symposium and it its Chairman and Conference Organiser: the inaugural symposium was launched at Brunel University and subsequent symposia have been held in Finland, France and Sweden.

Endorsing the book, celebrated US Professor Kevin Lane Keller of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College commented:

“Undoubtedly some of the richest and most meaningful brands around, corporate heritage brand can also be the most challenging to fully understand and manage. In this scholarly tour de force, John Balmer assembles a fascinating collection of reading notable for their deep insight and sharp practical value."