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Bridging the Gap

BRIDGING the GAP (BtG) is a business innovation programme providing London-based emerging start-ups and SME's with a support ecosystem that opens up the Brunel’s knowledge, expertise and networks to help them develop, scale and operate companies.

BtG can help to drive a start-up forward, through mentorship from experienced mentors and a flexible training programme to fast track an idea. It can also help with pitching opportunities to raise awareness and generate possible collaborative projects with students and academics to refine and enhance the idea.

The programme is co-funded by Brunel University London and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). They are a perfect funding partner as one of its four key priority areas is support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ERDF is specifically focussed on investment to support economic growth and job creation, with other priorities outside of BtG including innovation and research, the digital agenda and the low-carbon economy.

This EU funding makes it possible to offer free tailored workshops, access to specialised research facilities and support in accessing innovation funding.

What we offer

BtG Online Platform

Our online space for interactive learning and development for entrepreneurs. It hosts expert innovation and entrepreneurship related content that will help develop and drive business ideas forward and offers a collaborative space for entrepreneurs on the programme to connect and collaborate.

You can access a range of rescources and tools relating to our programme, including:

  • Our library of tools and advice for entrepreneurs
  • Five Cs Innovation Training material
  • An archive of relevant workshops and papers from Brunel University
  • Diary and project management

Access our online platform here

Skills Training

We have a programme of key workshops taking place in Central London, under the heading of the “5cs” covering topics such as Digital marketing, IP Essentials, Finance Investment Readiness, Branding and more. The workshops are free to attend and will provide invaluable learning and networking opportunities.

Pitching and Communication

There will be a series of pitching opportunities throughout the programme where our beneficiaries will be encouraged to present their developed proposition for potential investment and to raise their personal and business profile. We also provide an opportunity to explore some of London’s most successful accelerator programmes including Wayra, Techstars and the Central Research Laboratory.


Our programme includes a diverse group of expert professionals, successful entrepreneurs and investor’s acting as programme mentors from a wide range of sectors. This enables us to support entrepreneurs with mentoring which will add value to their business, identify solutions to business challenges and make new and relevant connections to progress their business.

Collaborative Projects

Our collaborative projects offer businesses the chance to work with a final-year undergraduate or post-graduate student on a project brief focused on an SME’s own innovation challenge. The student will work in depth on your project, taking your project from an idea through to a prototype design in a six month timeframe. An academic may personally work on the project if the challenge is of particular interest.

Criteria for Joining

A new business that has been registered with Companies House or HMRC for less than 12 months?

A London based business?

Or a business locating to a London borough for the first time to start trading?