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Social Media & PR Masterclass

LogoERDFUnder the funded Co-Innovate programme we are offering London based SMEs, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs the opportunity to attend these sessions for free. You will need to complete at least two of the four offered courses (you can mix and match according to interest area/business focus) and register with our Co-Innovate programme.

Check if you are eligible:

  • You are a Small to Medium Enterprise / start-up / early stage entrepreneur
  • You are trading from a London borough

This session gives you a solid knowledge in social media and PR, enabling you to make informed decisions about the right platforms, tools and techniques to use in your business.  

During the session we will cover a range of topics, including:  

  • How to navigate your way through the ever-changing world of social media   
  • How to build an effective online presence for your business   
  • How social media and blogging can grow your business   
  • How to choose which social media platforms are most relevant to your business   
  • How to develop digital content and key messages relevant to your audience   
  • How to attract more customers to your business   
  • How and when to automate your social media marketing   
  • What are the essential social media tools   
  • How the press and media operates and how journalists find stories   
  • How to identify the right media and journalists to target   
  • How to approach journalists (and how not to)   
  • What journalists and editors are looking for   
  • How to build strong relationships with journalists and editors   
  • The importance of strong storytelling in securing press coverage   
  • How to write a press release


Marija Butkovic

Marija Butkovic
Digital marketing and PR strategist 

Marija Butkovic is a digital marketing and business consultant who has worked across a range of projects in different industry sectors, including legal, journalism, tech, IoT, wearable tech and fashion tech. 

She is a co-founder of Kisha Smart Umbrella - a wearable tech startup behind the world's smartest fashion tech umbrella, and founder and CEO Women of Wearables - UK’s and Europe’s first organisation aiming to support, connect and mentor women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR.  

She regularly writes and blogs on topics of wearable tech, diversity and entrepreneurship.  

For more information on participating in this workshop, please contact Co-Innovate via