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Opportunity to deliver one to one support to SME's in London (1)
Request for quotations to deliver one to one support to London based SME’s

Co-Innovate Journeys is a 3 year Brunel University London Project co-financed by the EU through ERDF, to support London-based SME businesses to develop and innovate by opening up and making available the academic expertise and specialised resources within Brunel University London, invites quotations for the following work:

Co-Innovate Journeys would like to request quotations to procure providers to deliver one to one advise to London based SME’s as part of our business support programme aimed at enhancing their growth, competitiveness and profitability.

We are seeking experienced Business Coaches, Consultants and professionals with proven specialist knowledge of working with Small to Medium Enterprises to help them to grow and thrive.

Proposals are welcome from individuals and from organisations

Specific Requirements

We are seeking Business Coaches or Consultants with specialism in the following areas;

  • Business Coaching - (incl. Business diagnostics and strategic planning, Growth Plan development, action, plans and coaching)
  • Business Planning - (Business Plan development)
  • Accessing, managing and raising finance and investment including loans, grant applications, R&D tax credits, crowd funding and angel / VC investors
  • Preparing Business to Export and support to increase exports
  • Marketing & Market Research (incl. Brand development, Sales)
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Legal services
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Business Processes and Systems, Project Management

Quote response

Quotes can include more than one specialist area but will need to provide a supporting statement outlining their expertise and experience in each area.

Co-Innovate Journeys is looking for Business Coaches or Consultants who can demonstrate:-

  • Relevant background and experience with solid track record in working with business leaders and entrepreneurs in the UK
  • Ability to engage with SME’s, inspire, stimulate and motivate them for action
  • Capability and capacity to meet all the requirements of the programme
  • Readiness and availability to deliver the support within the required timescales
  • Ability to identify, focus and manage clear and challenging objectives with SME’s
  • Pursuit and delivery of high quality standards in professional service delivery
  • Ability to deliver excellent client satisfaction to the business and Co-Innovate Journeys Project Manager (prompt response to communications, quality and timely follow up on agreed action points, delivery of agreed outputs etc.)
  • Ability to deliver the outputs and report requested by the Project Manager as per agreement.
  • Good knowledge and awareness of the business support landscape to provide information, advice and guidance on complementary support.

Consultants will need to have current Professional Indemnity Insurance (£250,000) and Public Liability insurance (£1m)

Please provide the following information:

  • Company name and address;
  • Company Registration;
  • VAT registered/ VAT reg no;
  • Copies of insurance certificates;
  • Full Day rate (£);
  • Half Day Rate (£)
  • Hourly Rate (£)
  • Co-Innovate is open to hearing ideas on a ‘bundled’ package of support – If you wish to offer this please provide details
  • Affiliations: Please indicate if you are affiliated to any business support organisations.
  • Up to date CV

A three stage application process will be used:

Stage 1 – Receipt of Proposals. Please supply a covering letter detailing previous experience of supplying the required services – Closing date 1700 hours Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

Stage 2 – A short list will be drawn up and applicants invited for Interview.

Stage 3 – Face to face meetings will take place as soon as possible after the tender close.  It is possible that second clarification meetings may be necessary.

The Selection Criteria will be against Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Ability, and Value for money.  Scoring against the Selection Criteria will be flat (no weighting) 0 – 10.

Please email your proposal to Rhona Denness at, clearly marking the subject line "Co-Innovate Journeys One to One Support for London based SME’s - Confidential".