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Simulation technologies deliver multi million pound turnover

Simulation techniques cut costs in nuclear, manufacturing, defence and retail industries

The need

Computer simulation is widely used in manufacturing and logistics from new product design, for example, the continuous simulation used to test the efficiency of airflow over turbine blades, movement of oil in tankers, etc., to evaluating improvements in production and logistics, such as analysis of factory improvements, supply chain logistics, warehouse organisation, etc. Contemporary simulation software systems limit the amount of investigation/experimentation that can be done in a project, and therefore the quality of results. 

The solution

Research by Professor Taylor and Dr Anagnostou used advanced distributed computing techniques and architectures to create new novel High Performance Simulation (HPS) systems. These enabled decision makers to analyse problems in more depth and to make faster evidence-based decisions. Brunel experts have worked with many companies to co-develop commercial HPS systems.  For example, they worked with Saker Solutions Ltd. (SME) to create SAKERGRID that they use in their consultancy and with Sellafield PLC.  They also helped to deliver the FORD HPS facility used by FORD PTME to support decision making in engine production. 

The outcome

  • The novel high performance CLOUDSME cloud-based platform in collaboration with the CloudSME and COLA EU consortiums
  • New cloud-based HPS products and services in over 30 SMEs across several different manufacturing and logistics sectors
  • Upwards of £13m of new turnover across these SMEs
  • Saker Solutions have increased its turnover to around £1,4m and have benefits worth £2m – £3m to their clients
  • Saker was able to continue working during the pandemic due to the virtualisation of the new cloud-based services
  • The work led to the creation of a new startup (CloudSME UG) as well as new cloud-based decision support system at Sellafield  
  • A HPS system at Ford PTME that has supported widespread savings in engine manufacturing


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Case study last modified 14/10/2022

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