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Brunel Creative

Brunel Creative is a gateway to our work in the use of digital technology across the arts, sciences and engineering. Our expertise is drawn from the depth and breadth of our research and our teaching. We create original narrative, content, and design concepts. We use state of the art facilities to explore applications and develop solutions to advance understanding of the digital experience.

We work with:

 Media and Entertainment

 Artists and Designers

 Architects and Engineers

 Museums and Galleries

 Archives and Cultural Heritage

 Schools and Colleges

 Borough Councils and Local Authorities

 Charities and Community Groups

 Health and Social Care

Our expertise areas 

Creative @ Brunel

In addition to our research, Brunel Creative encourages collaboration between our student community with local businesses and the local community as part of impact and outreach. We support students to take on the role of the creative studio to design and develop digital solutions. We enable external partners to co-create with our experts and using our facilities to explore ideas around creativity and the digital experience.

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Dr Baljinder Ghoman

Business Development Manager