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Operational Excellence

With Heathrow as the world’s most efficient 2-runway airport, operating at 98% capacity, its current leading performance will continue to be driven by operational efficient systems and processes, assessing risks and delivering mitigations.

Science and Innovation is critical to the development of new thinking and systems that will sustain the current performance of Heathrow, and crucially maintain operational excellence in the future, given expected growth in passenger and freight air travel.  Key elements for the Audit:

  • Assess the critical innovation capabilities strengths that sustains the resilience in operations at the current capacity
  • Operating within limits:
    • Air traffic
    • Environmental - noise/carbon
  • Building out from these strengths, consider the future strategic opportunities for research excellence and innovation strengths:
    • Adapting to a changing climate
    • Meeting current and future regulatory requirements
    • Wider enhancement of the ‘place’ ecosystem that supports operations

This theme was led by Matt Prescott, Heathrow.

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