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Why study Chemical Engineering at Brunel?

Our courses are tailored to prepare you for a rewarding career, providing you with the technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills employers expect from modern graduates.

Chemical engineers develop optimised processes for safe design and operation of process plants. They have exciting careers in industries which touch on every aspect of our daily life, with sustainability, environment and chemical cybersecurity management at its core. The fastest growing of all engineering disciplines, it prepares you to work in many industries such as renewable energy, food, manufacturing, biotechnology, environmental, pharmaceutical, and nuclear, to name a few.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) requires innovative approaches to meet the 21st century demands from chemical engineers, and that’s what we are committed to deliver at Brunel. 

Why study Chemical Engineering at Brunel?

You’ll spend time studying fundamental principles, simulations and modelling in our well-equipped computer labs. We also have excellent experimental laboratory facilities with specialised experiments in heat transfer, bioprocessing and hydraulics equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Many of our teaching staff have a strong track record in working with industry. Their experience in industrial research defines our unique identity focusing on energy, water, and bio/material processing and beyond.

Transferable skills (such as the ability to communicate, teamwork, lead, and creativity) play a key role in modern chemical engineering education. Selecting the placement option will fast-track you towards Chartered or Incorporated Engineer status.