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Visiting professors

Royal Academy of Engineering award

The Royal Academy of Engineering award visiting professors scheme provides financial support for experienced industrial engineers to deliver face-to-face teaching and mentoring at a host institution for three years. Engineering undergraduates benefit from an enhanced understanding of the role of engineering and the way it is practiced, along with its challenges and demands.  

The Civil Engineering department will be welcoming Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation at Anglian Water as part of the Visiting Professors scheme.

New partnership with Anglian Water

Steve Kaye is a chartered mechanical engineer and has worked in the water industry for over twenty years; he is currently the Head of the Innovation Team at Anglian Water.

Steve will provide a series of lectures at undergraduate level on BEng Civil Engineering with Sustainability and Water-Engineering-MSc,  Students will work in teams under the supervision of Steve on a real project of Anglian Water for water and wastewater management. The project will serve as a main vehicle for integrating student knowledge and skills developed during these seminars.

Students will obtain a thorough understanding of industrial systems and processes for water engineering and how this links with basic principles. They will acquire the skills to confront design challenges and provide realistic solutions for the water industry. The industrial focus on the course will make students better candidates for the water industry; consequently, they will be well equipped to tackle interview questions, increasing their chances to secure a job. Steve will share his valuable experience and provide students with insight to facilitate them to become chartered engineers.

What the partnership will mean for students

The Civil Engineering department at Brunel has set the target of strengthening its links with key industrial partners. We have a long history of visiting lecturers from industry being fully integrated into our programmes which has been very successful and is supported by students.

Brunel has the vision to develop a high-quality learning and professional development environment to deliver high-performing, job-ready graduates. Steve’s appointment will contribute to the education of a new generation of highly qualified graduates, meeting the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the industrial orientation of modules
  • Adopting continuous improvement of course curriculum
  • Developing a new course driven by industrial needs
  • Attracting the best applicants
  • Strengthening the industrial advisory Board (participation of Steve Kaye; Anglian Water)
  • Increasing the placement opportunities
  • Enhance employability skills
  • Strengthening our mentoring scheme; securing long lasting collaboration. 

Our University will promote its knowledge transfer partnerships with the water industry and will thus be in a strong position to join the Water Innovation Network (WIN). The participation of our students in industrial activities will increase our University’s reputation in the water industry and will facilitate collaboration with other industrial partners. Brunel will establish key contacts with Anglian Water professionals, which will strengthen the applied research and consulting activities of our University.

If you have any queries related to our visiting professors scheme please contact us, we'd love to hear from you:

Evina Katsou 
Course Director of Water Engineering MSc 
Tel: +44 (0)1895 265721



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Visiting Professors Scheme

Water MSc student
Water MSc student

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MSc Water Engineering