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Brunel Computer Science PhD students take a road trip to Alton Towers


The day when all things PhD were banned! On the morning of Sunday 22nd October 2018, 11 Computer Science PhD students made their way to Alton Towers, Staffordshire to enjoy a day out together, funded by the Department of Computer science. The intentions behind the trip were a social day out for the group to detox from the worries of their PhDs and have an opportunity to socialise with members of the department they usually do not get to see.

Having navigated through motorway road closures and rolling traffic on the approach to the theme park the group arrived. For the majority what lay in store in the theme park was a mystery! Glimpses of different steel roller coasters visible throughout the treeline, anticipation and trepidation setting in to some. The group quickly split to cover the attractions most desired by individual factions. The main pack first ventured to thirteen, the world’s first free fall drop roller coaster. Having shocked the system, some opted to brave The Smiler a 14 looping giant, while others presented themselves to partake in the rituals of the Wicker Man.

Being a group of computer scientists, interests were heightened wherever technology struck. Some highlights included having ice cream made in front of you using liquid nitrogen, eating in a restaurant where food was delivered by roller coaster track, determining whether the room is revolving or you are going upside down in Hex or a laser shooter were you had to kill as many zombies as possible.

Throughout the day it was obvious how much the social was needed within the group given the stress of having recently moved to a new  new building. Many were thankful for the day out and are looking forward to the next opportunity to escape their PhDs and recharge. The day presented options to mix with members of the cohort that we had not seen in a long time and discover mutual interests.

On behalf of the 11 intrepid adventurers (Computer Science PhD Students) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Kate Hone (Head of Department) for agreeing to fund this social event.

(This news article was written by the Computer Science PhD Student Reps and edited by the Department Web Co-ordinator).