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Made in Brunel Software Innovation

Showcase your projects in front of industry experts at our annual Made in Brunel Software Innovation event.

As part of your Computer Science degree, you will have the opportunity to feature your second and final year projects to show off your talent to your fellow students, academics and alumni.

Professionals from industry are invited to view the innovative creations, giving you the chance to network and get advice and tips on your work. Previous events have held host to representatives from Accenture, IBM, Barclays Bank, Tesco, Ford and many more.

Watch the highlights from previous years’ events


Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) Employers

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Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) 2016

Software Innovations 2017

Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) 2017

Image of Drakhshan won the Project Originality Prize

Drakhshan Ahmad, winner of Heathrow sponsored Project Originality Prize at the 2018 Made in Brunel event

Drakhshan won a prize for work done with an NHS clinician to create an app that reduces pre-operative anxiety in children by gamifying the process used to administer anaesthetic to children before a surgery.

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