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Level 1 CFA® Program Pathway

Take advantage of the opportunity to follow the CFA Program (Chartered Financial Analyst) specialist pathway while you study for your MSc in Banking and Finance or MSc Finance and Investment programme and gain the skills required to complete the Level I CFA Program exam.  The CFA Program has become the most respected and recognized professional qualification in finance in the world. 

Brunel’s Department of Economics and Finance has integrated the specialist Level I CFA Program training into two of its academic Masters programmes (MSc Banking and Finance and MSc Finance and Investment).  Brunel will provide you with the training and revision tools in order to help you pass you’re Level I CFA Program exam.  You will be provided with lectures and e-resources over a 10-day focused programme during the summer plus two days of revision in class at Brunel.  The coure is designed to help prepare you for the December CFA Program exam (i.e. the December after graduating from your MSc.

The Level I CFA Program pathway is available on the following programmes:

How it works

  • Between September and May, Brunel University Department of Economics and Finance deliver all taught modules and exams in Banking and Finance and Finance and Investment
  • In late June, after successful completion of all taught modules and registration for the  December CFA Program exams, you will be provided a 10-day focused programme and two days of revision in class at Brunel
  • Free access will be arranged by Brunel to Online Portals and Mobile App for students with a distinction in their taught modules and a 50% discount for those with merit. Those that pass still get a 30% discount of the regular price: £1,314
  • The programme gives students all the tools they need to study towards the Level I exam (this is an external exam).
  • This is normally delivered prior to our winter graduation in central London - some students may wish to go home or vary this, but the programme is formed to do the exams at this time.
  • Students on placement may be able to select the June exam following winter graduation or arrange to take it in their nearest regional centre.

Information & Portal Guide/Walk Through

Fitch Learing video

Fitch Learning video


Course component


How to register

You will be able to register on this CFA Program pathway after arrival in Brunel. If you wish to make any enquiries in advance, please contact the Programme Leads:

Banking and Finance MSc:
Name: Dilruba Karim
Tel: +44 (0)1895 265955

Finance and Investment MSc:
Name:Fabio Spagnolo
Tel: +44 (0)1895 265637