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Educational materials

Regular educational materials 

Many children have no books at home. When we sent activity books to children during Covid, one parent said that her son was clutching one of our workbooks in bed. Others sent wish lists for puzzles, quizzes and stories. During a visit to one school assembly, we found that out of 240 children only 3 had access to educational magazines.

We responded by investing in Eureka Explorers, created with voluntary contributions by a group of academics, school practitioners and children, and led by Professor Koshy.  Eureka Explorers is already used as a classroom resource by over 1000 children.

Eureka Explorers emphasises cognitively challenging fun activities – for all children and with links across the national curriculum.  Children use and learn from the materials with teachers and parents. Hard copies are provided so that children can read and write in them. A learning journal accompanies each magazine to enable children to create their own creative work, test their general knowledge quizzes, and try more puzzles. Many children do not have computers at home.

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When we visit schools, the excitement is heart-warming for all to see. Feedback from teachers and children has been inspiring.

“It was a joy!” - Year 3 Child at Oldfield Primary School, Ealing 

“The magazine was amazingly fun! My imagination went wild and the facts were awesome!” - Year 5 Child, Oldfield Primary School, Ealing 

“The children kept going on about the magazine all day” - Ms Johnson, Vice Principal, Pinkwell Primary School, Hayes 

“The children in my class are fascinated by Eureka Explorers and often ask if they can read it or complete the activities. As a teacher, I feel the way this magazine has been designed is genius. It’s educational and links well to the National Curriculum. The design and layout mean children view it as a journey with puzzles, stories, and activities - not just a booklet to study.” - Miss Newell, Year 5 teacher, Oldfield Primary School, Ealing