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New book release from Dr Anita Howarth: Calais and its Border Politics

Brunel’s Dr Anita Howarth and Queen Mary’s Dr Yasmin Ibrahim have published a new book, "Calais and its Border Politics: From Control to Demolition”.

Calais has a long history of transient refugee settlements and has become a point of sustained tension between the UK and France, never more so than in recent years.

This book traces the history of refugee camps in Calais, which have come to be known as the ‘Jungle’. It explores the politicisation of the camps, their perceived threat as well as both their revival and destruction through the context of broader border politics.

The chapters in this book review a multitude of themes including media representation of the displaced through to policy analysis within the UK and EU. The plight of unaccompanied children in the camps is also brought into focus as well as the jungle’s eventual destruction.

“It was the tears of the children which drew us to Calais,” said Dr Anita Howarth. “A line in the newspapers about another grand demolition. A circus act concocted to impress the public that both French and British governments were in control. It described in detail the riot police, bulldozers and flamethrowers. Amidst all the noise of the demolitions were these tiny figures in tears, the unwanted in Europe.

Calais in context

Dr Ibrahim and Dr Howarth’s book has been endorsed by Professor Julian Petley, Professor of Journalism at Brunel University. “Anita Howarth and Yasmin Ibrahim’s book performs a valuable public service by revealing to those who don’t read the right-wing press the horrors contained within their pages.

“This book is puts the events being played out in Calais in their full context, namely the history of migrant and refugee politics in Western Europe, and in Britain in particular. In so doing, they demonstrate all too clearly that Britain’s self-image as a centuries-old safe haven for refugees is largely myth and delusion.

“This is an extremely sobering read which raises much wider questions about the efficacy of those much-vaunted ‘European values’ that we hear so much about”.

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