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New book release from Dr Jingrong Tong, "Tweeting the Environment #Brexit"

Tweeting the Environment #Brexit by Jinrong Tong and Landong Zuo maps Twitter discourses and networks on marginalised environmental concerns  during the UK’s 2016 EU referendum campaign. It reveals how the technological affordances of Twitter enabled social actors such as the Green Party, ENGOs, and their associates to advance their political and  green claims and how British environmental politics extended onto Twitter. The interdisciplinary research employed a combination of big data applications such as ElasticSearch and Kibana and desktop applications such as Gephi and SPSS in analysing large-scale social data. Adopting an inductive and data-driven approach, this book shows the importance of mixed methods and the necessity of narrowing down "big" to "small" data  in large-scale social media research.


Read more about the book here.