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Student journalists visit BBC New Broadcasting House

BBC visit
Students from Brunel's BA Journalism explored the iconic building of W1A, experiencing what it's like to be a BBC news presenter and a weather reporter and having the chance to dabble in radio. Their activities on the day were led by Senior World Affairs Producer, Stuart Hughes.

"I personally found learning about the components of the newsroom most compelling. As I learnt, the newsroom was a multimedia space where you had data journalists and the data gathering team all working in one big room. Also, in the same room you have journalists working on home affairs and world service, making the BBC newsroom a melting pot for the world of Journalism", said a first year Journalism student.

Students had the opportunity to visit the BBC1 radio studios, where they had a sneak peak of the live lounge area where musicians came in to perform covers of songs for the radio station.

Following this they were given the opportunity to step into 'The One Show' studio, where they were told of how the topical magazine programme is put together, before taking a quick group picture on the famous red sofas.

Students gained first-hand experience of what it would be like to be a new presenter for the BBC, mock presenting the 5 o'clock news stories. Other students took part in a Radio 4 Drama activity, which involved the students to pretend to be characters from a story, whilst using the instruments provided to make the sound effects for the audio.

The day ended with some wise words of wisdom from World Affairs Producer, Stuart Hughes. Stuart stressed the importance of insurance for journalists and freelance journalist when travelling to dangerous countries, sharing his heroic journalism tales. He also shared various stories including his visit to Malta for the migrant story, where he turned a radio story into a story for broadcast.