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Statement of solidarity and support for Ukraine

Ukraine Heart

Statement of solidarity & support for Ukraine and the people living in Ukraine
By Brunel Law School

Today, we watch in dismay and shock as Russian troops make their way towards the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, on the seventh day of the Russian invasion of a sovereign European state. We witness in disappointment and sadness the crumbling pillars of international law and the rule of law, shaken by the flagrant disrespect of international norms that the global community have worked so hard to put into place to ensure no events such as this should occur.

The decision by the Russian Federation to launch military attacks on the Ukrainian territory violates our internationally agreed principles of territorial integrity and prohibition of the use of force, as enunciated in the UN Charter (1945).  The actions of the Russian Federation have already claimed devastating loss of lives, created hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people, and more than three quarter of a million refugees.  There is an ever-growing list of violations of human rights and humanitarian law, the consequences of which will be profound, lasting, and difficult to reverse.

Brunel Law School staff stand fully in support of Ukrainian people and all living in Ukraine. We are concerned about their immense suffering, and the irreparable harm done to them, their family, homes and livelihood.  We continue to be humbled by their bravery and determination in the face of grave adversity. We commit ourselves to use our knowledge and voices to help them reverse the effects of these horrible days. We are deeply worried about one of our very own, the international expert on IP rights Dr Olga Gurgula, who is currently in Kyiv with her family. We are trying to keep in touch with Olga. These atrocities need to end now. 

We wish to thank the states bordering Ukraine and their people for immediately welcoming men, women and children who had to flee when they were going about their normal lives up until a week ago. We call on all European states to help those fleeing Ukraine, without discrimination on any ground. Critical research is underway in BLS on how to best address the rights of the refugees from Ukraine and how we, as academic scholars, may use our voices to create momentum and support for Ukraine. Finally, we fully support the Russian people deeply in shock watching their government engage in unacceptable and barbaric behaviour.

Our hearts and our minds are with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and all individuals currently in Ukraine.