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The John Crank Building - from the Archives

As the John Crank building disappears before our eyes, we thought it timely to take a look back at its presence on our campus.

Originally known as "The Mathematics Building", the building was completed in 1968 in the heart of the campus.  It housed the School of Mathematical Studies - The Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science and the Division of Statistics and Operations Research.   It housed

"two small digital computers, which can be used to develop programmes for the Chilton Atlas, on-line access to time-sharing computers in the London area, a range of analog computing equipment and desk calculating machines".  (Brunel Bulletin, June 1968). 

In 1987, as part of a process of renaming University buildings to honour leading figures in the history of both the University and the wider academic world, the Mathematics Building was renamed the John Crank Building, after Professor John Crank, the first Head of the Department and subsequently Head of the School of Mathematical Studies. 

The Mathematics Building, later known as the John Crank Building, on its way up, early 1968.  (Brunel University London Archives).


 Construction of the Maths Building 1968

And on its way down, 3rd July 2019.  Photo courtesy of Bob Dutt, Brunel University London.


 Demolition of the John Crank Building 2019 photo by Bob Dutt

We look forward to the next stage, the building of the Learning and Teaching Centre, due to be completed in 2021, and adding some more photographs of our campus's history to our Archives.