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Elisha Rout


Elisha Rout





Name: Elisha Rout

Course: MSc Public health and Health Promotions

Year: 2022/23

What challenges do you enjoy? Walk of the week!

How & when do you move to collect steps/points? 

I move around the greenery around the Brunel University campus. I talk a walk around the high streets of London and Uxbridge where I spend my time with near and close buddies. I move around walking or I take a morning jog while counting steps to be fit . I often count my steps during workout periods at Brunel gym .

Were you collecting or counting steps before you used Brunel Moves? Yes

Would you recommend Brunel Moves to a friend? Yes

What’s been your favourite reward to date? The Team Brunel Hoodie

Since using Brunel Moves would you say you have a more positive relationship with physical activity? Yes!

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