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Sports Scholarships Programme 2023/24


Our elite sport programme is headlined by our sport scholarships package, offering funding up to £3,000 and on campus support to our very best students at the top of their sporting discipline  

Sports Scholars at Brunel - YouTube
Sports Scholars at Brunel - YouTube

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About our Scholarships

3 Sport Scholars discuss our programme and how it benefits them studying at Brunel University London.

What we include within the scholarship award 2023/24

  • Cash award up to £3000 per academic year*
  • Support Package benefits/products worth over £500
  • Athlete-friendly accommodation on campus next to sports facilities**
  • Sport Psychology support
  • Free use of world-class sports facilities including Indoor Athletics Centre and Strength & Conditioning area 
  • Free weekly physio sessions
  • Sport scholarship kit

* Cash awards vary annually depending upon sport, funding and support

** The programme does not cover accommodation costs or tuition fees 

Who can apply for a Brunel University Sport Scholarship? 

Anyone can apply for an award as long as they have met the academic requirements for a course and subsequently been given a conditional or unconditional place at Brunel University London. 

As main criteria, all applicants must be able to demonstrate sporting achievement at junior international level or equivalent in one of the priority sports listed below and/or evidence a top 10 age ranking within their choosen sport.

Please note, that competition for scholarships can be very high and you must be able to show evidence of your sporting achievements and supporting information from your National Governing Body Performance Director/National Coach. Meeting these criteria is not a guarantee for a Scholarship award.

What we offer for 2023/24

Our Sport Scholarship Programme award will contain exclusive benefits that focus on access to great training facilities as well as support facilities all available on campus. We have a wide range of talented students at Brunel University London, therefore the programme is designed to benefit those students from a world-class performance level competing at an international level through to English Schools Champions. 

We offer the following Sport Scholarships tiers for team sports: 

  • Gold Sport Scholarship Award  - participating at major international competitions at a Senior level
  • Silver Sport Scholarship Award - participating at junior international competitions or equivalent
  • Bronze Bursary Award - participating at a national level/national ranking competition.

Priority Sports

Students that compete in one of the Universitie's priority sports, see list below, will be given priority for funding, however all other sports will be considered.

Our priority/performance sports are Athletics, Netball, Rugby, Basketball & Futsal.

Other sports include Badminton, Canoeing/Rowing, Golf, Hockey, Judo, Olympic Weightlifting, Swimming, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis and Women’s Football.

 Individuals Sports Scholarship Awards

For those that compete in individual sport, such as Athletics, you will receive an initial Sports Scholarship award of £200. There will be financial rewards linked to performances at the BUCS Championships thorughout the year. Kindly note that there will be no other cash awards available through the course of the academic year – the bulk of your scholarship is attached to successful performances at the BUCS championships as detailed below.

Individual events

  • Gold Medal - £1000
  • Silver Medal - £750
  • Bronze Medal - £500

Please note that there is a financial reward cap of £3,000 for all BUCS performances in one academic year.  Further terms and conditions apply.

How can I apply for a Brunel University Sport Scholarship and need more information

Download the application form for 2024/25 here


The first deadline for applications is the 31 July to ensure accommodation places are met if you have opted for athlete friendly accommodation. 

The second deadline will be 31 August , but will not guarantee athlete friendly accommodation.

Late applications may be considered after these dates (through Clearing) but will be subject to the scholarship committees decision.

Please contact  if you have any questions. 

Hear from a Sport Scholar

 Sports Scholars 2022 23 Dillion Ryan  _17912

I’m Dillon Ryan, a long jumper in the sport of athletics that has competed at national and international level for Ireland. My enrollment as a Brunel Sports Scholar has profoundly enriched not only my athletic journey but also significantly enhanced my university experience.

Living on Brunel campus has been a strategically advantageous choice for most of my stay at university. It has been highly beneficial, primarily due to its time-saving convenience, offering direct access to the state-of-the-art indoor athletics facilities located right at my doorstep.

The pinnacle of my experience within the sports scholarship program was the moment I won the gold medal at the 2023 Outdoor BUCS in the long jump. This accomplishment not only marked a significant personal triumph but also merited financial recognition from the scholarship programme in acknowledgment of my performance.

One of the major benefits of this journey was the invaluable access to top-tier coaching provided by Brunel University. I had the pleasure of closely collaborating with Brunel’s jumps coach, Danny Sawyers, whose expertise,  and guidance played a vital role in elevating my performances to heights I never deemed possible prior to joining the programme.

The programme also extends access to proficient physiotherapists and sports masseuses, providing essential support for injury management and overall physical well-being.

For those who have a genuine passion for sports, I recommend giving serious consideration to the sports scholarship programme here at Brunel. It offers an extraordinary blend of world-class training resources and a conducive academic environment, which has undoubtedly been instrumental in enhancing my growth and success. This unique synergy has provided me with the ideal platform to not only thrive but to excel in both my athletic pursuits and academic endeavours.


Brunel University London partners with Ealing Trailfinders to provide a world class Rugby Sports Scholarship Programme


Brunel's sporting history

Our sporting history famously started at Borough Road where the late Jim Biddle was instrumental in developing the college's strong sports development foundation dating back to the 19th century. There’s a long and distinguished history of international honours won by students and staff over the years, which include:

  • Alan Pascoe MBE (1971 graduate) European and Commonwealth Gold medalist and Olympic finalist, 400 metres hurdles
  • Kathy Smallwood-Cook (1981) 13 medals at the Olympics, World, European and Commonwealth Games in athletics
  • Richard Hill MBE (1995) British Lions and 2003 Rugby World Cup winner
  • Iwan Thomas (1995) double Silver medalist in 1996 Olympics and 1997 World Championships, 400m
  • James Cracknell (MSc Sport Science 1999), Olympic gold medalist, Rowing
  • Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE (2003) 2016 Olympic Gold medalist
  • Perri Shakes Drayton (2011) European U23 Championships 2012 Gold medalist 400m Hurdles
  • Tom Aggar (MSc Sport Sciences 2011) Paralympic Rowing, Olympic 2008 and World Rowing Gold medalist 2007/9/10/11 Men’s Single Sculls
  • James Fox (BSc Sport Sciences 2011) Olympic Gold
  • Ashley Bryant (Sport Sciences 2013) Decathlon, Silver medalist 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  • Bethany Wheeler (Sport Sciences 2019) Wheelchair Basketball, U25 World Championship GB squad
  • Holly Mills (Sport Sciences 2021) Heptathlon, 2022 (U23) World Indoor Championships - Heptathlon - 4th
  • Maud Muir (Sport Sciences 2022) Women's Rugby Union, 2021 Six Nations Champions with England 

 2023/24 Sport Scholars Gallery 

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