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WISEflow for external examiners

External examiners use WISEflow as Reviewers, but specifically to view information only. Please note, external examiners will not create, edit or delete any information on WISEflow.

If you are marking students' submissions and are working outside Brunel, please check the Markers tab. Click on the links below to access WISEflow resources for external examiners:


One month after the marking (assessment) period has ended, all flows are automatically archived. Any archived flows can be found within the Reviewer's archive area.

The image shows the Archive button on the Reviewers' tab. There is an arrow pointing from the Archive button showing a list of flows that are achived.

Filter assessors

You can filter students according to who marked them. You can either display all students or by selected markers.

Click on the "Filter assessors" button to start.Click on the Filter assessors button as pointed by the arrow to filter students by their assigned assessors 

When you click the "Filter assessors" button, you will be able to select and see all the assessors of this flow. Click on their initials shown to start filtering. The screenshot below shows three assessors selected. The students who were marked by them are listed below. 


 To deselect, click on the initials again. When no assessors are selected, all submissions are displayed as before.

Final assessment approval

Depending on the department you are working with, this process may defer. You will not be using WISEflow to handle final assessment approval.

Getting access to WISEflow

To get access to WISEflow, you need to first have a Brunel network account (username and password) which is also associated with a Brunel email address. As part of your appointment, this will be created for you and passed on securely by the university's computing support department. 

Methods of moderation

 You may need to email the module leader to find out this information.

Similarity checking

WISEflow uses Turnitin as a text matching service. The text comparison (percentage) will be visible to external and internal markers per default on the flow overview. The percentage appears in the participant list by each student id and also in the Assessor tool.How to see the similarity percentage for each submission on WISEflow in the Reviewer view

Clicking the percentage will open the Turnitin report in a new tab. If you need to learn more about how to use Turnitin, you may visit the following pages: 

Remember that a high similarity score does not automatically mean that work has been plagiarised, nor is its findings exhaustive. There may be a number of perfectly legitimate factors contributing to a higher score. Guidelines for staff on handling suspected plagiarism can be found on your College's IntraBrunel site (the staff handbook is often a good starting point). 

Where to get help

You can access WISEflow technical support in Brunel via this website.

You can send us an email if you have a WISEflow query:

If you need to be added to flows or have questions about particular assignments please email or speak with your relevant TPOs.