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Needs assessments

Once your Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) has been approved, you’ll be asked to have a needs assessment. This is your chance to say what you find difficult at university and what support may help, so it’s a good idea to think about it before you go.

The needs assessment takes about two hours and is carried out at an approved assessment centre. The needs assessment is not an assessment of your disability, specific learning difficulty, or your academic ability.

After the assessment, the assessor will write a report listing the support and equipment you need. This is sent to the funding body who will then write to you to say what they’ve agreed to pay for.

Contact Student Wellbeing as soon as you get your letter, so we can discuss it with you and make sure the university is doing what it should to support you. We can help to arrange the recommended support, including helping with ordering the equipment and organising support workers.

We won’t do anything until we receive your approval, so please get in touch.

Information for Needs Assessors

Please see the link below for non-medical helper rates at Brunel University London.

Non Medical Helpers' Rates Brunel University