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Institutionalised racism: Campus panel discussion and debate

Come and join us in week 3 when we are joined by a powerhouse of extraordinary panellists who will discuss and debate the complexities and challenges associated with racism

Awareness raising in relation to the various forms of racism and their impact on students (physiological, psychological) along with the impact on organisational culture.

Date and time: Thursday 20 October, 5.30-7pm
Location: The Beldam, Eastern Gateway Building

Raising awareness of the complexities and dynamics of institutionalised racism and its impact on students and the organisational culture

Campus panel discussion / debate focussed on:


  • Professor Kehinde Andrews
  • Nadine White (Journalist Independent Newspaper)
  • Professor Jason Arday
  • Professor Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Dr Chinedu Agwu
  • Gordon Stewart

Topics include:

  • Society as a whole
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Higher Education (Brunel)
  • Organisations
  • Erasure of culture and cultural appropriation