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Public lecture: The chemical children (rescheduled)

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Please note that the session below is no longer taking place on that date.  We are pleased to announce a new event taking place online on Tuesday 6 December at 5pm, Fertility in the 21st Century: Sperm Health

Join us as two leading experts in the field explain the possible causes for semen quality decline, revealing the latest research into the ill-defined contours of chemical exposures.


We invite you to join us on our campus as we discuss the latest research in the fields of fertility and reproductive health, the social, cultural, and scientific developments around conception.

In our fifth lecture, we will talk about how biochemicals can affect fertility and the development of embryos, and the consequences for individuals, communities, and even the entire world. The event is free and open to everyone—whether you're a student, professional or member of the general public.


Interested in the other talks as well? Check out our Public lecture page for more information.
Join us from 6.30pm, for a 7pm start, and join the conversation.

For more information about the event or group bookings please contact us at

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