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Food Waste and Systems Change Workshop

The UK throws away 7 million tonnes of food per year, and if worldwide food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses after the USA and China.

Food waste can be tackled but it requires interdisciplinary thinking and solutions. As part of the Research Festival, this workshop will focus on the sustainability challenges posed by food waste and the potential for systems thinking to find solutions.

Attendees will learn about the causes and consequences of food waste on a local and global level, and will be supported in the development of practical systems thinking skills through interactive activities and discussions.

Attendees will also hear from those with experience in the food industry, and will have the opportunity to network with other professionals working to address the challenge of food waste and climate change.

Previous attendees reflected on their experience as follows: The group work helped me explore and think of food waste in a different light. I had no idea this was a big issue. And mapping out the problem, causes, contributors to the problem, and some solutions helped me understand how it is all interlinked.

Join this workshop to learn more about the challenge of food waste and take part in a peer-to-peer learning environment using systems thinking to co-create practical solutions for reducing food waste.


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This event is part of the Brunel Research Festival, which returns this May for a packed programme of online and in-person activities, celebrating cutting-edge and challenge-led research at Brunel and beyond. Showcasing the world-class research carried out by colleagues from across the University, the Festival is a month-long celebration of the diverse local and global benefits of our research.

Free and open to all.

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