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Brunel University launches the Human Centred Design Institute

Brunel University in West London today launches the Human Centred Design Institute, part of the renowned School of Engineering and Design.

The Institute, which brings together significant research in perception cognition, ergonomics and inclusive design, will challenge existing design thinking and promote human centred design as a way to produce products that are physically, cognitively and emotionally intuitive to their users. The goal is to place users at the heart of new design and product innovation.

Unveiling the new Institute, Professor Heinz Wolff, Emeritus Professor at Brunel University comments: “As technology becomes more sophisticated, we find ourselves overwhelmed by complexity. The driving force behind the Institute is to overcome this by encouraging design with users in mind - a concept that is easy to understand but difficult to deliver.“

Heading up the Institute are Professors Joseph Giacomin, Head of Brunel Design and Perception Enhancement Systems Research and Professor Neville Stanton a member of the DTI Human Factors National Advisory Committee.

Professor Neville Stanton comments: “According to the Harvard Business Review, evidence shows that 70 per cent to 80 per cent of new product development failures are not due to lack of technology, but lack of understanding the user's needs. We need to get back to basics.“