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Brunel's Journalism degree accredited by NCTJ

Mathematics lecturer wins Lecturer of the Year award
Brunel University's degree in journalism has become the UK’s newest industry accredited programme. The BA in Journalism was launched fewer than three years ago, yet has just received industry hallmark accreditation by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

The programme, headed by Keith Somerville, is one of only 18 accredited degrees across the UK, and Brunel's is the only honours programme in Greater London. Brunel’s Journalism Department was established by Sarah Niblock, Head of Journalism, herself NCTJ trained.

Students study for a series of tough professional exams alongside their degree assignments testing their reporting skills, legal knowledge and political savvy. They also learn cutting edge techniques in multi-platform journalism and entrepreneurialism alongside modules in the history and theory of journalism.

Sarah said: "We are delighted as we want to provide the best possible launchpad for our students’ careers in this competitive climate. But at the same time they are taking a demanding academic programme, equipping them with the critical and contextual knowledge they really need to navigate a fast-moving media world."

NCTJ chief executive Joanne Butcher said: "It's great to see the journalism provision at Brunel going from strength-to-strength. We know how challenging it is for undergraduate journalism degree courses to meet the NCTJ standard for accreditation but the team at Brunel were more than able to demonstrate the commitment, resources and quality we require."

Brunel also offers two postgraduate Journalism programmes, MA Journalism (NCTJ accredited) and MA International Journalism. Both MAs have a strong employment record, with many students getting related jobs before they graduate. The staff, including leading industry names from print, broadcasting and online, are both active practitioners and academic researchers.

Sarah continued: "From small beginnings, we're now based in a fantastic newsroom complex in the Antonin Artaud building, with a radio studio and edit suites. Saying that, we don't fetishise the technology, those are just the tools. Brilliant journalism is what matters most of all."