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Ed's right, voters respond best to doorstep canvassing

Labour leader Ed Milliband’s headline-grabbing plan for activists to have 4 million face-to-face conversations with the electorate before this year’s General Election recognises the most effective platform to reach voters, according to Professor Justin Fisher.

Talking about the subject on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday 5th January, Prof Fisher told a drive time audience that research suggests personal contact with voters is still the most effective way of attracting them to the party cause.

Prof Fisher, Professor of Political Science at Brunel, said: “Getting people to go out is inefficient and labour intensive, but it’s the model to which voters respond best.”

However, he told 5 Live presenters that other forms of canvassing still had their place, with social media and leafleting regularly used by political candidates to reach voters.

Listen to the interview here in the last 15 minutes of the programme.