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Eminent Professor adds weight to Brunel University's School of Sport and Education

Jos Gonzlez-Alonso, a highly acclaimed professor of sport and exercise physiology, has joined the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University to develop the field of integrative physiology. He joins a strong team, which was first established 2000, and will take a leading role in further developing the Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance. Prior to joining Brunel, Prof. Gonzlez-Alonso worked as a Senior Researcher at the world-renowned Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre for almost 12 years.

Prof. Gonzlez-Alonsos main area of research focuses on the role of red blood cells in the control of circulation and circulatory limitations to human performance. During his time at the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre, Prof. Gonzlez-Alonso developed a unique theory that muscles dont actually tire because of intrinsic metabolic limitations. Prof. Gonzlez-Alonso believes that a lack of oxygen being delivered to muscles, via red blood cells, is what actually causes muscle fatigue and plans to prove this theory at Brunel.

In addition to furthering his research, Prof. Gonzlez-Alonso will further develop the Brunel Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance. The aim of the centre is to understand what limits exercise and performance levels, looking at why some people perform better than others.

Speaking about his appointment, Prof. Gonzlez-Alonso comments: I am really looking forward to working at Brunel University, and in particular, developing the Centre for Medicine and Human Performance. I believe the Centre will play a large part in developing our understanding of why athletes fatigue during a competitive event and I am hopeful that our research will have a positive impact on athletes competing at the 2012 Olympic Games.