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Free food on campus marks Sikh tradition in inclusive event

Langar 920a
Langar event at Brunel University London

Staff and students at Brunel University London enjoyed free Sikh food on campus last week at an event hosted by Brunel’s Sikh Society, part of the Union of Brunel Students.  The Sikh tradition, known as Langar, offers free food to people of all faiths, and the event marked Sikh New Year and 20 years since the very first Langar event on campus.

The inclusive community event was held in Brunel’s Crank Gardens on 14 March, between 11am and 3pm, and guests were given a head covering before being served their meal. 

As part of the Sikh tradition, guests were invited to eat their meal on a carpeted area to represent equality and the building of community.

carpet 618

                               Langar event at Brunel University London

The free event served hot vegetarian dishes to over 200 people and provided many students with a satisfying break from exams.

Sharanveer Singh Hira, Vice President of the Brunel Sikh Society, said: “As a proud member of Brunel's Sikh community, I was thrilled to serve and host "Langar on Campus".

"Langar is a Sikh tradition of providing free, communal meals to anyone, regardless of background or beliefs, and the practice of Seva (selfless service) not only provides nourishment but also fosters unity and understanding among diverse backgrounds.”

Prof Royona Mitra, Brunel’s Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, said: "It was a momentous occasion for Brunel to mark the 20th anniversary of our first Langar on campus and its return since the last Langar, which was held in 2018.

“Brunel is a diverse and international community, and Langar is a free community kitchen providing food to all people, irrespective of faith, caste, gender, race and other social positions, where everyone is treated with dignity, love and respect as we are invited to eat alongside each other. 

“The organisation and labour of love by Brunel’s Sikh Society in bringing to life the celebration of collectivity was a huge feat, and I would like to congratulate them.”    

Reported by:

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