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Home Office Initiative to Recognise Brunel University Security Team

The Brunel University security team today received recognition under a Home Office initiative called the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). This is the first scheme of its kind in London and will start on 1 December 2008. As a result, Brunel security staff will display the national CSAS badge and, more importantly, will have additional legal protection and powers.

Currently, Brunel University security staff are granted limited but targeted powers by the Police which are appropriate to their role and which meet local needs and priorities. The Scheme will provide security staff with powers to address certain issues on the spot without the involvement of the Police. The new powers available to security staff include:

  • The ability to stop and demand the name and address of anyone behaving in an anti-social manner or committing specific offences listed under the act
  • Confiscate alcohol from anyone drinking in a controlled drinking zone such as the Brunel campus.

The security teams will also benefit from increased legal protection as it will be an offence to assault, resist or obstruct staff in the course of their duties.

In order to participate in the scheme, Brunel Security staff received advanced training and were required to have reached approved standards of competence, training, supervision and accountability as well as undergoing enhanced vetting.

Talking about the new scheme, the Commander of the London Borough of Hillingdon, Carl Bussey said: “I am pleased to be involved in this project, particularly as Hillingdon Borough will be piloting the scheme with Brunel University. CSAS complements the MPS 'Together' strategy and is a good example of how we are working and building relationships with our partners and the diverse communities of London.

“As Accredited Persons, the Security Staff at Brunel will be assisting with anti-social behaviour type issues. This will help to reduce crime and the fear of crime. It will also reduce the need for police to attend such incidents, thus allowing police resources to be redeployed in other areas.

"Other police forces where CSAS has been introduced have already seen benefits and we hope to see the same in Hillingdon.“

Chris Hoad, security manager at Brunel, explains: “Community Safety Accreditation Schemes have been made possible through the Police Reform Act 2002 and aim to promote and develop improved cooperation between the Police and their partners, or the 'extended police family'.“

Director of Resources and Operations, Paul Thomas, added: “Our involvement in this scheme is a reflection of our commitment to continuing to ensure that the Brunel University campus remains a safe and secure environment and also to ensure that our security staff and their relationships with the local Police are of the very highest standards.“

He continued: “With these new powers, the Brunel Security team will be able to deal more effectively with a range of issues such as anti-social behaviour and will complement our own Campus Police Constable, Jon Walls, in ensuring that living, studying and working at Brunel remains a safe and enjoyable experience.“