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"Referendum rushed, but not unconstitutional" Dr Giannoulopoulos comments on the Greek referendum

Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos provided analysis of the Greek referendum, 48 hours before it took place. He correctly predicted that the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece would not call off the referendum, even if there was scope for it to do so, from a strictly legal perspective, and reflected on the socio-political ramifications of the referendum itself.

Dr Giannoulopoulos' thoughts on the constitutionality of the referendum were published in the Solicitors Journal simultaneously with the Court's examination of the application by two citizens to call it off and a few hours only before the Court announced its decision that the referendum was constitutional. 

At the time the Supreme Court decision came out, Dr Giannoulopoulos was giving an interview at Arise TV on the Greek crisis, and also used the opportunity to provide a quick reaction to the decision.

Please see the interview here: