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Seb wins prestige design award

Professor John Keiger (Cambridge and Sorbonne): 'French Foreign Ministry Officials and the Idea of Europe, 1920-57'
Industrial design student Sebastian Ng Lei’s final-year project – to persuade the Western world to eat insects – has been honoured in the prestigious New Designers Awards 2016.

Currently on show at London’s Design Centre which is this week showcasing the best of the UK’s final-year design students, the project took a three pronged approach to persuade consumers that insects are a food of the future.

Sebastian mixed branding with long reach digital channels and a machine capable of manufacturing snacks made of insect flour to scoop this year’s Mars Award.

The judges said: “‘Sebastian explored the consumer and market challenges of insects as a source of protein. He showed a mixture of creative and practical skills in his approach. The judges loved how his 'Crikey Cricket Crackers' considered consumer acceptability and future scalable manufacture.”

Responded Sebastian: “Thank you for all the people who have given me the opportunity to get to this stage, I appreciate their efforts and hope that my success is proof of the input you've given me.

“And I am also terrified of insects.”