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Sport Sciences student Daniel Phillips wins Vacations Award

Daniel Phillips, 20, of Ullswater Way, is the recipient of a Vacations Studentship Award of £1140 which will enable him to prepare for a master's degree.

Daniel, a third-year Sport Sciences student at Brunel University, London, said: “I am incredibly honoured and grateful for being chosen by the Physiological Society to receive this award, and am pleased it will allow me to experience cutting-edge physiological research over the summer.

“Hopefully, this will help to shape my future career as an exercise physiologist in a sports setting, or as a clinical physiologist working in healthcare.“

He attended Coopers Company and Coborn School, a Specialist Sports College in Havering, where he excelled at swimming and trampolining among other sports.

He is studying the causes of fatigue during exercises of an arm or leg; the title of his dissertation is: “Central and Peripheral Determinants of Fatigue in Response to Isolated Limb Exercise in Acute Hypoxia.“ He will be supervised through the summer months by senior lecturer Dr Lee Romer.

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Photo: Daniel Phillips