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Triangle of Success: How to help young minds shine

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Children’s education and wellbeing took a huge hit from Covid-19 restrictions.

Lockdown’s knock-on effects such as lost learning time, boredom, stress, over-crowding and lack of laptops leave many children lagging behind and lacking confidence.

Parents, carers and grandparents can help them recover with expert tips on how to steer young minds towards success in a new book from education professor, Valsa Koshy MBE.

Packed with practical day-to-day advice and activities to help children succeed, Triangle of Success: Your Child’s Path to Fulfilment makes health and wellbeing key to unlocking children’s gifts and talents.

“Parents, from all backgrounds, have struggled in this pandemic, and so many children are behind with their learning, with many suffering anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem,” said Prof Koshy. “We need bold and innovative strategies.”   

“All children have special interests and aptitudes, which need to be identified and nurtured. Society needs both academic achievement and other types of intelligences, such as leadership skills, curiosity, creativity and originality.”

When schools closed in 2020, Professor Koshy kept on supporting parents with home schooling through Brunel University London’s Young Scholars programme. Listening to thousands of parents involved inspired her to write the book with her daughter, Dr Elizabeth Koshy, a medical doctor. The pair draw on their own research and the latest thinking in education, neuroscience and health. 

The Triangle of Success model says anyone can boost a children’s success in life if they:

  • find and grow the child’s gifts, talents and passions
  • strengthen their learning power and mind-set
  • build their health and wellbeing.

 “We want children to feel good in themselves,” said Dr Elizabeth Koshy. “There’s so much out there on children’s wellbeing. We bring together what’s relevant to boost children’s education, learning and wellbeing.” 

Reported by:

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