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Alumni Awards 2022

On Wednesday 18 May, the Entrepreneur Hub had the great pleasure to attend the Brunel Alumni Awards 2022 to celebrate achievements within the Brunel alumni community and to present our Venture Competition 2022 awards. 

Our awards this year were presented by a very inspiring Brunel Alumnus, Carlton Cummins - the founder of ACELERON and previous winner of the Brunel Venture Competition himself in 2015! 

Prior to the event, Carlton sat with our winners to hear about their businesses and entrepreneurial journeys so far - he provided invaluable advice to our current budding entrepreneurs.

A huge congratulations again to our venture winners - Georgia Williams & Joshua King the founders of Zeal, Francis Jones the founder of STEM@Home and Jo Holmberg-Hansson, Akuha Aondoakaa (PhD) and Sahil Datta (PhD) the founders of PsychoTec.

Read more about the Venture Competition 2022 here! 

A special award was also presented to Brunel Alumnus and Entrepreneur Hub consultant, Mike Herman to recognise his outstanding contribution to Brunel Entrepreneurs throughout the last 7 years at Brunel University London. 

Alumni Awards 2022 - Carlton
Carlton Cummins, founder of ACELERON

Alumni awards 2022 - Georgia and Josh

Georgia Williams & Joshua King, founders of Zeal

Alumni Awards 2022 - Francis

Francis Jones, founder of STEM@Home 

Alumni Awards 2022 - PsychoTec

Jo Holmberg-Hansson, Akuha Aondoakaa (PhD) and Sahil Datta (PhD), founders of PsychoTec 

Alumni Awards 2022 - Mike Herman

Mike Herman, Brunel Alumnus and Entrepreneur Hub Consultant