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Why learn a language?

You can develop and expand your communication skills and gain a real competitive advantage in the global job market by learning one of nine languages for free. We offer courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish

What are the benefits of learning a new language?

  • You will gain an insight into other cultures
  • You can use your new language skills to network internationally
  • It will help you prepare to study abroad for a term or a full year through our exchange programmes
  • Our language courses provide you with extra ciriculum credits that can be added to your Brunel+ account
  • You will gain a competitive advantage as a graduate in the global job market

How are the language classes run?

The language courses are run over the first two terms and includes a two hour evening class each week.

From October 2020, language classes will run online.

What languages are on offer?

For information on the various languages and levels you can apply for please have a look here. 

Is there an award after completing the course?

Once your course teaching has finished you will be invivted to a graduation ceremony where all students who have completed their language course will be awarded an official certificate. You are also able to list the course on your Brunel+ account, which records all students extra circular activitivites.


If you are already a native speaker in one of languages (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish) you can volunteer to be a language assistant.

Why become a language assistant?

If you are a native speaker in one of the nine languages we teach you have the opportunity to volunteer as a language assistant to support the language teacher in the classroom. The role gives you great work experience in supporting students and teachers and can enhance your employability.

Furthermore, you can opt to follow the language assistant programme which is part of your HEAR record, which showcases various volunteering you have completed alongside your studies. You will also receive a certificate if you complete a set number of hours as a language assistant and complete a portfolio.




What does the role cover?

Language assistants have a visible presence in the classroom and take on a lead role in interacting with the students. You will  help with pronunciation, speaking activities,  creating  fun activities and short presentations, and   generally  supporting the language teacher . 

How do I apply?

Application information will be available in September.

For more details, please contact modernlanguages@brunel.ac.uk









A very supportive and friendly environment made by the teacher and assistant. Although a few topics were quite challenging, it was taught at a comfortable pace and was made to seem easier! 
Putri Natassya, Mandarin 1, 2015-16