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Kids Network - Volunteer Mentor

Details of the Charity:

The Kids Network is a community of children and young professionals connecting through fun, friendship and hardship for positive social change. We support children at a crucial time in their development by providing them with a volunteer mentor. 

The Kids Network builds confidence, resilience and curiosity for ambitious futures through positive experiences and activities. London is bursting with more connected professionals than ever, yet often feel isolated and anonymous with no actual rooting to their community. We unite these individuals, children and professionals, for a more inclusive London by connecting for change.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

The Kids Network is looking for committed, fun and passionate volunteers who live near the London Borough of Brent to make a difference to the children of London. Our structured mentoring programme supports 8 -11 years old's, based in Brent, to support their social and emotional development before they transition into secondary school.

  • As a mentor, you will hold weekly one on one sessions of 1 -3 hours. You will help build confidence and resilience and help your mentee manage feelings through a series of fun and positive experiences and activities
  • The weekly sessions can be flexible between weekdays and weekends
  • You will also get to meet fellow mentors through our peer network!
  • All volunteers will go through virtual training which will include safety inductions for volunteers
  • We also have monthly mentor meetups which provide continual support for the mentors
  • Mentors will have direct contact at the organisation, their Volunteer Coordinator (VC). VC's provide support, encouragement and advice throughout the whole year of your mentoring

*Covid-19 Safety Volunteering Precautions*

Weekly mentoring sessions will be in line with the government guidelines. This means sessions could be face to face, and then perhaps phone sessions in an interim period if necessary. For many children, mentoring will be an imperative time for them to have connection and support.

Skills Required:

  • Understanding of the role
  • Awareness of the risks vulnerable children face
  • Understanding of safeguarding
  • Time commitment
  • Interpersonal skills

Additional Benefits:

  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • We can provide references at the end of the volunteering
  • Volunteering Hours go towards the Brunel Volunteers Awards

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