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Dr Asress Gikay
Senior Lecturer in AI, Disruptive Innovation and Law


Asress Gikay is a Senior Lecturer in AI, Disruptive Innovation, and Law at Brunel University London. He is an expert in legal and policy aspects of artificial intelligence including facial recognition technology, privacy and data protection. He has authored several publications on AI regulation in reputable academic journals. 

His work has been widely cited by academics and media platforms including BBC News, the Telegraph, the Weekly UK and many others.

Asress has been invited to debate the regulation facial recognition technology in the UK on BBC News. He contributes to several media platforms including the Guardian, the Conversation UK and Policing Insight  on various current topics involving AI, facial recognition, and data protection. Some of his works have been republished in several media outlets and blogs around the world, including Yahoo NewsPolicing Insight, Inform's Blog, and Yahoo Movies.

Asress is a member of Brunel University Center for AI: Social and Digital Innovation, and leads the centre's regular Thought Leadership Series, where academics, researchers and practictioners discuss the socio-economic, ethical, political, and policy challenges and opportunities AI technologies bring. He also serves as a board member of the AI Centre.


PhD(with honour),  Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies(Italy), FHEA, SJD, LLM & LLB


Asress teaches AI, Law and Ethics,  Law, Policy, and Goverance of AI, and Privacy and Data Protection at postgraduate level at Brunel Law School. He is also the  Director of Equality and Diversity at the law the school. 

Newest selected publications

Gikay, AA. (2023) 'Regulating Use by Law Enforcement Authorities of Real-Time Facial Recognition Technology in Public Spaces: An Incremental Approach'. Cambridge Law Journal, 82 (3). pp. 414 - 449. ISSN: 0008-1973 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ondersma, C., Varney, E., Kailiang, M., Iheme, W., Rochemont, S., Atkinson, J., et al. (Accepted) 'Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion: Fair Access to Financial Services and the Law', in Gikay, A. and Stanescu, C. (eds.) Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers and Financial Inclusion: Fair Access to Financial Services and the Law. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Gikay, AA. (2021) 'The American Way—Until Machine Learning Algorithm Beats the Law? Algorithmic Consumer Credit Scoring in the EU and US'. Case Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology and the Internet, 12. pp. 1 - 60.Open Access Link

Journal article

Gikay, AA. and Stanescu, CG. (2019) 'Technological Populism and Its Archetypes: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies'. Nordic Journal of Commercial Law, 2019 (2). pp. 65 - 109. ISSN: 1459-9686 Open Access Link

Journal article
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