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Dr Faye Wang
Senior Lecturer in Law


Dr Faye Fangfei Wang is Senior Lecturer in law (2011- ) at Brunel Law School (BLS). She is also international fellow at the Centre for Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong. She has served as convenor of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Cyberlaw Section (2009-2016) in the UK. She has served as Director for Undergraduate Studies; and Director PGR and PhD Programme Leader at the BLS. She has held academic positions such as lecturer, senior lecturer and co-Director for an established IP research centre since 2007 prior to joining the BLS. 

Dr Wang specialises in cyberlaw, most particularly from the private law perspective, covering the topics of contract law, commercial law, private international law, online dispute resolution, privacy, data protection and digital IP Rights. Her reserach considers how law is challenged by the innovation of technology in both common and civil law systems. 

Being educated both in law and computer science, she has published five monographs in her relevant research fields. Her recent book, Online Arbitration (Routledge, 2017), examined the legal feasibility of online arbitration in the age of artificial intelligence. Her recent article ‘Online Dispute Resolution Simulation: Shaping the Curriculum for Digital Lawyering’ shared her teaching experience of shaping our students with legal and digital skills. ( Her other article on ‘Legislative Developments in Cybersecurity in the EU’ offered insights into how to achieve the highest levels of cybersecurity. (

Dr Wang is the author of five monographs:


  1. Online Arbitration, Informa Law, 2018;
  2. Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions, Routledge, 2nd Edition, 2014;
  3. Internet Jurisdiction and Choice of Law, Cambridge University Press, 2010;
  4. Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions, Routledge, 2010; and
  5. Online Dispute Resolution, Chandos publishing, 2008.


LLB Law, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), China Diploma in Computer Science & Application, GDUFS LLM Commercial Law, University of Aberdeen PhD Law, University of Southampton

Newest selected publications

Wang, F. (2015) 'The Incorporation of Terms into Commercial Contracts: A Reassessment in the Digital Age'. Journal of Business Law, 2. pp. 87 - 119. ISSN: 0021-9460 Open Access Link

Journal article

Wang, F. (2014) 'The ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Ruling for Data Privacy Protection: Case note for Google Spain SL and Google Inc. v Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD) and Mario Costeja González (CJEU Case C-131/12, 13 May 2014)'. Journal of Intellectual Property Forum. pp. 96 - 105. ISSN: 0815-2098

Journal article

Wang, F. (2014) 'CJEU Site-blocking Orders: Case Note for UPC Telekabel Wien GmbH v Constantin Film Verleih GmbH and Wega Filmproducktionsgesellschaft mbH (Case C-314/12, 27 March 2014)'. Journal of Intellectual Property Forum. pp. 89 - 94. ISSN: 0815-2098

Journal article

Wang, F. (2014) 'Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions: Contemporary Issues in the EU, US and China, 2nd Edition'. Oxford: Routledge. ISSN 13: 9780415829717


Wang, F. (2013) 'Jurisdiction and cloud computing: Further challenges to Internet jurisdiction'. European Business Law Review, 24 (5). pp. 589 - 616. ISSN: 0959-6941 Open Access Link

Journal article
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