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Dr Jayesh Patel

Dr Jayesh Patel
Head of Technology Applications

Gardiner Building 111


Dr Jayesh Patel joined BCAST as a research fellow in 2006.

In 1999, Jayesh Patel did a 12-month industrial placement at Corus Group Plc., Welsh Technology Centre, UK, in Steel Metallurgy section where, he was involved in an on-going research project, “The development of high strength steels via a cheaper, quicker and flexible processing technology in order to increase the product range for the automotive industry”. Based on his performance during industrial training at Corus Group Plc. he received a sponsorship award of £1500 for his final year graduate study. In 2001, he graduated at Brunel University with a 1st Class BEng. (Hons.) in Materials Engineering with Management. He performed an investigation into the fabrication of a metal foam reinforced ceramic composite (Al/Al2O3) as his final year research project and got nominated for the A T Green Award of The Institute of Materials for best ceramic graduate in UK. During his final year of graduate study, he was offered a PhD Scholarship from Prof. Zhongyun Fan to research on “Aluminium alloy design for semi-solid metal processing”. In 2005, he successfully completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Yuqin Liu and Dr. Amitabha Das.

He focuses on process development for the patented melt conditioning technologies invented by Prof. Fan in both semisolid metal and liquid processing applications. He has been involved in various EPSRC and TSB projects researching on physical and chemical refinement of Aluminium and Magnesium alloys for industrial applications. His expertise on the melt conditioning equipment and his initiative involvement in various projects has led to 14 publications to date.

In the recent years, his main research interest has been in preparing the BCAST technologies for commercial applications and consequently he has become involved in international public relations as well. During the course of his career he has also attended various conferences and industrial meetings to promote the research and technology portfolio of BCAST.  

Representative publications:

  1. S. Tzamtzis, N.S. Barekar, N. Hari Babu, J. Patel, B.K. Dhindaw, Z. Fan:  Processing of advanced Al/SiC particulate metal matrix composites under intensive shearing - A novel Rheo-process,  Composites, Part A, Applied Science & Manufacturing, Volume 40, 2009, pg. 144-151
  2. Z. Fan, M. Xia, H. Zhang, G. Liu, J.B. Patel, Z. Bian, I. Bayandorian, Y. Wang, H.T. Li, and G.M. Scamans: Melt Conditioning by Advanced Shear Technology (MCAST) for Refining Solidification Microstructures, International Journal of Cast Metals Research, Volume 22, Numbers 1-4, August 2009, pg. 103-107
  3. H.R. Kotadia, J.B. Patel, Z. Fan, E. Doernberg and R.Schmid-Fetzer: Processing of Al-45Sn-10Cu Based Immiscible Alloy by a Rheomixing process, Solid State Phenomena, Volume 141-143, 2008, pg. 529-534
  4. J. B. Patel, H. W. Zhang, G. Liu and Z. Fan: Melt Conditioned High Pressure Die Casting (MC-HPDC) Process for High Quality Aluminium Components, ICAA11, 2008, pg. 510-516
  5. J. B. Patel, Y.Q. Liu, G. Shao and Z. Fan: Rheo-processing of an alloy specifically designed for semi-solid metal processing on the Al-Mg-Si system, Material Science & Engineering A, Volume 476, 2008, pg. 341-349.