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Dr Joanna Bagniewska
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Environmental Services

Heinz Wolff 001D


I am a zoologist with an interest in ecology, animal behaviour and biodiversity conservation. I currently split my time between Brunel and the University of Oxford. Prior to starting at Brunel in 2020 I worked at the University of Reading and Nottingham Trent University.


  • BSc in Biology, Jacobs University Bremen
  • MSc in Biology (Integrated Biosciences), University of Oxford
  • DPhil in Zoology, University of Oxford
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of Reading


Programme Lead for BSc in Environmental Sciences

Newest selected publications

Cooke, J., Araya, Y., Bacon, KL., Bagniewska, JM., Batty, LC., Bishop, TR., et al. (2020) 'Teaching and learning in ecology: a horizon scan of emerging challenges and solutions'. Oikos, 130 (1). pp. 15 - 28. ISSN: 0030-1299 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bagniewska, JM., Harrington, LA., Hart, T., Harrington, AL., Fasola, L. and Macdonald, DW. (2015) 'Persistence in diving American mink'. Animal Biotelemetry, 3 (1).

Journal article

Bagniewska, J. and Thom, M. (2015) 'Biology, ecology, and reproduction of American mink Neovison vison on lowland farmland', in Macdonald, DW. and Feber, R. (eds.) Wildlife Conservation on Farmland Volume 2 Conflict in the Countryside. Oxford University Press, USA. , 2. ISBN 10: 0198745508. ISBN 13: 9780198745501.

Book chapter

Bagniewska, JM. and Kamler, JF. (2014) 'Do black-backed jackals affect numbers of smaller carnivores and prey?'. African Journal of Ecology, 52 (4). pp. 564 - 567. ISSN: 0141-6707

Journal article

Bagniewska, JM., Hart, T., Harrington, LA. and Macdonald, DW. (2013) 'Hidden Markov analysis describes dive patterns in semiaquatic animals'. Behavioral Ecology, 24 (3). pp. 659 - 667. ISSN: 1045-2249

Journal article
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